How to Turn Off GPS on iPhone or iPad

GPS or Global Positioning System is one of the greatest inventions by the human being which allows the user to locate a place by using this technology. It will help you to find out any places in the world no matter what condition or weather you are in. If you have any GPS device, then you can also track the exact location you are in, or you can send your exact location to your friends or family.

Now most of the smartphone and smart devices comes with built-in GPS. This is a great feature and can help us in many manners. But GPS on smartphone tends to heavy battery drain so in case you are not using GPS and wants to save your smartphone battery then you should turn off GPS on your iPhone.

If you own an iPhone and wants to turn off GPS to save your battery life then here is the guide or tutorial for you. This guide completely created for those who are new to iPhone. If you already know how to turn off GPS, then you are a genius, and you don’t need to read further.


How to Turn Off GPS on iPhone and iPad

I assume that you are new to iOS, and you have little knowledge about iPhone’s operating system. This tutorial will show you the exact steps you need to follow to turn off GPS. Before moving to the guide, let me tell you that turning off GPS is not a rocket science. It is easy and takes no time to turn off.

  • Launch Setting app from the menu.
  • In the setting, tap on Privacy option.
  • Then, tap on Location Service option.
  • Here you can see lots of options under the Location Service option.
  • If you want to turn off GPS entirely then just tap on ON/OFF button on the tap.
  • And if you want to turn off GPS for individual apps then tap on green ON/OFF button beside every app to turn off GPS for different apps.
  • Now you have successfully turned off GPS on your iPhone or iPad.


So, this was my article about how you can turn off GPS on your iPhone, iPad, and iOS based smartphone. Before you leave, I would like to suggest you to read another article that we have written few days back- How to play Facebook apps without showing your profile. You will love that article.

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